We recently decided to put our 2 boys in the same room. Our youngest is 5 years old and oldest is 6 years old. They go to bed at the same time and usually chat across the hall so we figured why not. Both my husband and I shared rooms with our siblings and had good memories talking and laughing before sleep set in.

The Good

Bunk beds save space! We measured the kids original beds to see what they would look like in the space. The bedroom would have been filled with beds and not much else would fit. Bunk beds solve that problem, stack em up!

Putting your kids together frees up a bedroom. Who doesn’t like a free space. I am trying lead a more minimalist lifestyle these days so fingers crossed this free bedroom doesn’t end up a storage room piled up to the ceiling. (Seriously cross your fingers for me)

The Bad

Who will go on the top? This can cause an uproar. We told the boys the rule of bunk beds was the oldest is always on top. Still every other night my youngest will say “why can’t I sleep on the top” Rules are rules friend.

If you have a dare devil child like we do the last thing you want to do is create a high platform for fancy jumping, flying or climbing. Our youngest doesn’t have a lot of thought before he does something awesome. He is only 5 years old and we have been to emergency 5 times. If I ever hear “Hey mom, watch this!” I have to run as fast as I can to the scene screaming STOP!!! He also has a war cry that I know something dangerous is about to happen. If you ever hear a child scream


RUN! Run to see what they are doing…trust me, its dangerous.

The Ugly

We have had the flu cycling through the house. The boys keep passing it back and forth. I think we need to enact a quarantine or something. Well guess what folks?? If the top bunk child pukes…..you have THE UGLY of bunk beds.

Last night my top bunk boy screamed MOMMY! I went running to find him puking over the edge of the bunk beds onto his brother! I had to shove the sleeping boy to the other side of the bed and rip his blanket away at the same time. All the while screaming to the toilet! Climb down! Of course my sickie boy couldn’t really comprehend what I was asking of him so I had to use my momma strength and pull him off and carry him down simultaneously. Anyways the moral of the story bunk beds can sometimes be problematic.