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There is nothing like being thrust out of sleep by screaming pigs. The squeals were unmistakable, something was happening out there and it needed my attention. Tearing off the sheets and barreling down the stairs to get outside is quite the exercise for 4:30am. I ran out into the dark.

Once you get out into the middle of the black you start to question the stupidity of your choices. You realize your flashlight that you thought was amazing is really not! I was feeling like my flashlight was only casting light on my deliciously edible human body. It is at that moment when you hear every sound of the night and they are all scary. The dogs were running around like maniacs but I think they were only excited at the possibility I may throw a stick.

While in the darkness of the middle field the horse in the next field breathed a heavy snort sending me jumping for the stars. It seemed like the best place to hide. It is at these moments when I very loudly have swearing fits. I collected myself and moved on.

In the end the pigs seemed scared but ok. I think we scared off the beast. The fences seemed solid and there was no break in the electric strand that is supposed to stop the need to run out at 4:30am.

Perhaps this is a gentle reminder that the year is 2015 and I am supposed to be getting up each day at 4:45am with a smile on my face. Not smashing down the snooze button and eventually turning that stupid alarm clock off. I have fallen off the wagon and am now a dusty heap on the road. But not today! This morning I did a jog at 4:30am. Got my heart rate up. Came inside and guess what I did….Come on guess….you’ll never guess……

I did Pilates! Seriously! Now if you filmed me that would have been a funny sight because my dog thought Pilates was about the best thing on the face of the planet. It looked much like this.