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I love special occasions even the downright silly ones. I never liked Valentines Day until I had little ones. It always seemed like such a money grab and stressful day to impress the one you loved. Now I have a whole new outlook on this special day. I always surprise the kids with something on the day of LOVE. Last year I cut out a million hearts in all different sizes and stuck them to ribbons. I hung them from the ceiling to fill up the hallway as they left their bedroom. They were so excited.

IMG_1357 IMG_1362

This year I am going to post heart shaped messages all over their door with special messages about how awesome they are. It would have been a good idea to save those hearts!! Mental note for next year. Then on the floor I will have heart shaped message and arrows leading to a surprise valentines breakfast. We will have heart shaped pancakes, berry smoothies, and heart shaped cinnamon treats. The table will be dressed to the nines. I think I will add champagne glasses filled with orange juice.

Leading up to the big day I place something heart shaped with their lunch each day (heart shaped sandwich, heart candies, heart cookies, heart shaped pieces of cheese you get the idea). This is so easy. All you need is a couple different sized heart shaped cookie cutters.

We also make our own valentine cards to give out to classmates. We have made these super cute fish bowl valentines and these cute valentines using pop rocks. This year we are going to make valentines using pencils, check them out they are adorable. I like to switch it up so that the day is not all about candy and chocolate.

I know everyday you should show you love someone and we definitely do that here but this day we just make it extra in your face. Have a little fun with it. The kids love it and who doesn’t like a smiling kiddlet. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!