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I have a confession to make, turns out I am a terrible housewife. I should probably be fired. The laundry is piled in laundry baskets on the dining room table. There are toys on the floor and dog hair everywhere. The dishes seem to be never ending and are often stacked on the counters. If you saw my room you may think it belongs to a college student.

When we decided I would stay home with the children I think we both thought it would be easier. We would always have a clean house and hot meals would be ready to be served. Confession number 2, I am a messy person. I am not a perfectionist. I keep wishing this will change but it looks doubtful.

When I realized I was not the greatest housewife I thought who is the ultimate housewife. The 1950s came to mind instantly. So I began to research how to become a 1950s housewife. Have you ever looked this up? CRAZY! For those of you who don’t know here is apparently a reference guide created in 1955 by Housekeeping Monthly Magazine.

Good Wife Guide 1955

I actually like some of the ideas on here. I believe that modern homemakers loosely follow some of these suggestions. How happy would my hubby be if I had the house clean and dinner ready. I bet it would be nice to see me in actually clothes instead of my jammies. Imagine if I brushed my hair! I would have a very happy husband. So maybe it is not so crazy.

In 2015 I am going to start my 1950s housewife project. I am going to commit to this project for 8 weeks. I cannot follow this to the letter though. I believe I have very interesting things to talk about. For example the boys, the pigs, the chickens, school and after school activities, it goes on. Also I don’t wear makeup and I have no desire to start now (it hurts my poor face). And I am certain my hubby knows how to take off his own shoes. But I am going to attempt to be carefree and bubbly (ish). I will keep this house clean and I will cook dinner.

I am curious if this will strengthen our marriage even more. I want to see if this 8 weeks makes everyone extra happy and carefree. I am going to involve the boys in the chores. As I said in a previous post I want to make sure I teach the boys life skills and cleaning is one for sure. I hope that after this 8 weeks we have all established a new routine.