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About a month ago we had our first ever bear attacks on the farm. I have 4 chicken coops and one is a small A-Frame that I had in our middle field. Well that silly bear came one night and pretty much destroyed it.

Many people in the area were talking about a momma bear and her 2 cubs hanging around. My friend up the road called for me to get 8 of her birds because the rest of her flock had been killed by the bears. Unfortunately she didn’t set up defenses after the first attack. Bears take note of what is left and you can be sure they are coming back.

Unfortunately we were next on the bears list. They broke into my little A-Frame and ate 3 chickens. I was making my morning coffee and saw my rooster from the A-Frame ranging in the back. I thought that crafty rooster got out somehow before I unlocked the door. But no the others were gone and he somehow managed to escape a dreadful fate. Because he defeated all odds he will get to live out his days on the farm. Sometimes you get overrun with roosters especially when you hatch your own. This roo has achieved permanent status in my opinion.

After the attack we went out to the back coop and circled the coop with an electric net. I did not want to satisfy any other bears! We didn’t have an extra electric fence but the other coop is right next to the house so I thought it was pretty safe. Not so much.

That night the bear came to the front coop. Luckily my husband has the ears of a fox and woke up. We went running out to see a bear standing up peering into the back vent of the coop. We started screaming at it to scare it off but it cared very little of us. The bear looked at us reached down and pulled out the floor. He swiftly reached in and pulled out a chicken. Our screams intensified as we searched our sleepy brains for something else to do. My hubby grabbed a five gallon bucket and chucked it at the bear and ran in the house for the gun.

I stayed outside to continue screaming at the bear. Then I realized hubby left with the flashlight and I was left standing in the dark screaming at a bear. Holy crap I was alone screaming at a bear in the DARK. I couldn’t see it anymore but I could hear grunting. Sometimes we do dumb things on the farm to protect our animals! As you can see I am alive…phew! The bear ran off and we were back to string up more electric. We protected the coop with electric and so far no more attacks.

Lessons Learned
*Electric works best

*Act quickly to protect all animals
*5 Gallon Bucket, although extremely useful, don’t scare bears
*Don’t put yourself in danger….its scary