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I often think (like daily) I need a routine. Then I quickly think a routine is better started on a Monday or the beginning of the month or better yet the beginning of the year. Well 2015 is a few days away and I don’t have a routine or the drive to start a routine.

I look around here and think my poor house. Without a doubt I have happy kids because I will always sacrifice cleaning to play cars with them or go outside and play on the swings. But am I teaching them to skip the cleaning?? I am supposed to teach them life skills and cleaning up after themselves is one of those skills. I need to step it up! So the search is on for inspiration to get started.

The thing you should know about me is I am really good at things for 2 weeks. For the whole 2 weeks I am devoted to the new change. The change could be cleaning, decluttering, lifting weights, waking up early or running. It doesn’t matter the change it always has a 2 week maximum. Will 2015 be different? I will be sure to update you on my progress. If you have any tips and tricks send them my way. I need all the help and advice I can get!