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Life on the homestead is always interesting. There is never a dull moment. Fences need mending, animals need food and water, eggs need to be collected, garden needs to be weeded and watered, stalls need to be mucked, chores go on and on. If you love the homesteading life these chores are more fun than work. I created my top 5 list to help survive the homestead.

  1. Okay with Poop

    You will get poo on you! If you are really unlucky you will slip in the chicken run on a rainy night and slide for a bit.

  2. Bad sniffer

    A farm is smelly, so so smelly! If you are sensitive to smells living on the homestead will be hard for you.

  3. Creative with Twine

    Twine fixes everything. As a frugal homesteader you will save everything and twine is as good as gold. Twine can fix fences, hold up gates, tie down tarps, hold up whatever needs processing, the list is endless really.

  4. Covet the Pallet

    Pallets are another item that is as good as gold. Pallets can be used in so many ways. All you need is an imagination or Pinterest. You can create fences, a strawberry wall, furniture, again the list is long.

  5. Love Creatures Big and Small

    Homesteading = animals. It is a must that you have a love for the furry and feathery creatures that are on the farm. That includes rats and mice! Just kidding you don’t have to love them but you can’t lose your mind when you see them. A shutter and a curse are absolutely acceptable!