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Every year our family make gifts for grandparents instead of buying “stuff”. We gave up buying presents for extending family a while ago, I think they enjoy getting something homemade from the kiddies much more.

I have always wished I could go outside collect some branches and make something stunning, like those super crafty savvy moms. I am just not that mom. I try really hard so I get bonus points right?!

So I find the cute crafts and the kids make them. That way I can’t place the expectation of perfection on myself. Lets be honest…I can’t even keep the house clean! Perfection is not for me šŸ™‚

That being said, we have made some great projects over the years. I will highlight some of them. They are all quick and easy and make great gifts.

Fence Post Snowmen

I saw a picture of these cute snowmen last year and I knew we had to make them! I have bits and pieces of just about everything in my junk, aka treasure shed.


Material Needed
*Fence Post Pieces
*Scrap Wood
*White Paint
*Orange Paint
*Paint for Buttons (your choice)
*Permanent Black Pen
*Old Toques and Scarves
*Nail Gun or Wood Glue
*Staple Gun
*Round Drill Bit

  1. Cut your fence posts in 3 different sizes (big, medium, small)
  2. Paint the posts white
  3. Cut out 2 round buttons for each snowman out of scrap wood and paint a color of your choice
  4. Cut out 3 triangles for the noses and paint orange
  5. Assemble snowman: Nail the buttons to the posts, staple on the scarf (I cut my scarfs in half), nail on the nose, place on toque, draw on the eyes

Pasta OrnamentĀ 

Material Needed
*Different Shaped Pasta
*Elmers Glue
*Gold or Silver Spray Paint
*Cute Picture
*Hole Punch
*Fishing Line

  1. Cut out a star shape on the cardboard
  2. Measure your pictures to fit in the middle of the star and leave that area free
  3. Glue on the pasta (Find interesting shapes) let it dry before moving on the step 4
  4. Spray paint the star, make sure to get the sides of the pasta
  5. When it is dry glue on the cute picture (school pictures, picture with grandma, whatever you like)
  6. Punch a hole at the top and add fishing wire to hang on tree

Snow GlobeĀ 

Material Needed
*Any jar will do, I use baby food jars
*Glitter and Sequins
*Baby Oil (I also heard glycerin and corn syrup work)

Optional Materials
*Cute Picture
*Packing Tape

  1. Measure your jar and cut your picture to fit. You will need to laminate or cover the picture with packing tape. Make sure the picture is completely covered with tape to avoid leaks.
  2. Your picture should fit snug in the jar, a little bend in the picture is totally fine.
  3. Add your glitter and/or sequins. I found that you should add more then you think. They tend to get suck in the trees or on the picture.
  4. If you are adding a winter theme. Glue your trees and what not to the lid. Make sure you leave space to secure your lid.
  5. Fill with water to the top of the jar to avoid any air bubbles. You can add a bit of baby oil if you want, the oil will make the glitter fall a little slower.
  6. You can add decorations to the outside of the jar (ribbon, stickers, lace). I like to paint my lids to add a little color to the jar.
  7. If you want you can glue the lid shut. I don’t do this step because if I need to fix something I want to be able to open it. You can also change the water or empty it to pack away when it is not in use.

Natural Ornaments

Material Needed
*Popsicle Stick
*Elmers Glue

Aviary Photo_130620889734488783 Aviary Photo_130620888853995597

Check out theĀ Rainy Day MumĀ blog. She has great ideas for natural ornaments. My boys loved making the stick tree ornament and they look great!

Leather Tassel Key Chain

Material Needed
*Piece of leather
*Key Ring
*Elastic Band

  1. Fold the piece of leather in half
  2. Cut slits into the leather leaving an inch space at the top


3. Unfold and roll up
4. Fold over the key ring
5. Tie with elastic and wrap an extra piece of leather, secure with glue


All of these make such cute gifts made with LOVE from the kids.Ā Do you make any handmade gifts? I would love to hear your ideas. We are always looking for more ideas.