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After collecting our first swarm (a rather long terrifying tale) we had to re-introduce the bees to the hive. There were still some workers in there so we did not want the swarm, who had been gone for most the day, to be mistaken as invaders. Here are the steps we followed. This is known as the newspaper method.

  1. Remove the lid and put down a thin layer of newspaper to separate the bottom box with the new hive box (about to be introduced)
  2. Add the new box and frames on top of the newspaper layer
  3. Take out about 4 frames so you have enough room to knock the bees out of the transporting box and into their new hive box.
  4. Carefully place the frames back in and put on the lid

By the time the bees eat through the newspaper they have the scent of the hive. This method helps to stop any fighting. More on this method here.