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Honey bees are hard workers, they work from dawn to dusk. Every single bee in the hive has a responsibility.

Queen Bee

Her responsibility is to keep the number of bees high enough to maintain a functioning hive. The queen has a long skinny body with thin long wings.

Can you spot the queen? She is laying an egg while the others are busy working.

Can you spot the queen? She is laying an egg while the others are busy working.

Drone Bee

You can identify a drone bee by their huge eyes and much larger body. They are very obvious in the hive. The drone bees one job is to mate with the queen. Drone bees do not collect pollen but they do have a stinger so watch out 😉

Worker Bee

When a bee is hatched she spends her first few weeks as a nurse bee. She tends to the hive and feeds the larvae. She also builds and repairs cells from wax to store nectar and pollen.

In the next phase of her life she works outside the hive. During the summer when the weather is hot it is her job to fan the hive to cool things down.

Next she will become a guard. It is her job to protect the hive from any invaders. Each hive has their own scent so they can identify those who do not belong. They will attack and kill all outsiders. When a bee stings an invader she sends off a pheromone to alert all other bees. Sadly after she stings she will die.

In her last stage it is her job to go out into the world and forage. She will collect pollen, nectar, propolis and water to bring back to the hive.


I could go on and on about bees. They are so interesting and there is so much to learn. Every time I read about them I learn something new. I am constantly amazed by them.