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News of massive beef recalls, avian flu, and swine flu outbreaks is a reminder that big business farms are not the answer. Factory farming is to blame; these animals are raised in mass production, squished in a building and fed the cheapest of the cheap.

Before living the life I now live I walked around with blinders. I did my grocery shopping without any thought. I bought out of season fruit and vegetables without even knowing they were out of season. I purchased the meat pumped with salt and water. I went home, cooked dinner and fed this to my family. What in the world was I doing?!

I have not purchased meat from a grocery store in years. I am never panicked when news warns of an outbreak. We eat moose, deer, pork and chicken. We hunt, gather, grow, and raise what we need. We also raise and grow for friends and family.

Our bean house

Our bean house

Punky, the rooster and his happy healthy hens ranging in the yard.

Punky, the rooster and his happy healthy hens ranging in the yard.

The time is now to adopt a local farmer. Know your farmer personally; know how they raise your food. It is important how animals are treated and what they are fed. It is important to have a respect and knowledge about what we eat.

On a lighter note here is a great recipe to prepare venison! The slow cooker is your friend, trust me. Pull it out of the cupboard and dust it off.

I found this amazing sauce, on pinterest of course, and it is delicious.

I loosely followed Sandra’s recipe, check out her site. This recipe is so easy just throw in the vegetables and meat and add the sauce. Cook on low for 8-10 hours. Cook up some rice or mashed potatoes and you are done. I think I will make this tonight!