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I am proud to say that every structure that we build is built with 100% scrap material. I am a scavenger. I think pallets are the best thing in the world. If I ever see them while driving my kids to their activities I pull over and throw them in the truck. That goes for anything that I deem useful. Luckily we have the room to store my loot.

We decided on an Amish style chicken coop. My hubby blew me away with this project. He studied a few pictures looked at some websites went outside and built me a coop from the scrap wood we had collected. Just like that! And its a good thing too because we need someone who knows what they are doing. I only wish I could go outside and build something.
I have apologize about picture quality here but this was a long time ago and I never thought I would show anyone. But I wanted to give you an idea of what we did.

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Hubby built a removable floor for me so I can easily clean under the roost. It is super handy. I just slide out the floor and clean it off. I line the floor with old feed bags to make clean up even easier. Once the floor is out I just roll everything up and throw it in the compost. Just make sure you don’t have a plastic liner on your bags. The lid over the nest boxes is also a great addition, you can just lift and collect your eggs. No need to go inside. I clean my coop once a week but chickens are dirty! So if I don’t have to step in there everyday that’s awesome.

I have found chickens to be an addiction for me. I love seeing them in the yard so I keep getting more. We now have 4 coops and number 5 is in the last stages. It will open this spring.


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