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The power went out in a huge area around our house the other day. The boys were so excited. The next day while dropping off the boys at school I was listening to the many conversations about the power outage. Listening to the conversations I realized we really have trouble without technology. People were talking about the lack of things to do, having to charge the iPad in the car, and loading up the car to go out for dinner. Being without power is difficult especially when we are use to life with its many benefits. We forget that we can light a candle and play a board game with the family or read books with a flashlight.

For a few years now hubby and I have been interested in the off grid lifestyle. We think it sounds challenging and peaceful. I am amazed reading about families living off grid. I could never tired hearing their tales. Working your tail off in the hot sun or the freezing cold just to get some of the chores done. The physical strength it takes to accomplish chores is astonishing.

I read a great article about making the switch to local products only. This is a great start to living with what is available. I realized I didn’t really know what produce grew in which month. I presented this idea to my hubby and he loved it. My kids would miss bananas and I am not sure I could go without my coffee. Maybe the key is to start with small changes.

It is our dream to use alternative energy on the homestead. One day we hope to make the switch to solar power. I can’t wait to tell you about that adventure.