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When we moved to our small acreage and said we were going to try our hand at living a sustainable life growing our own animals and food our family and friends gave us an eye roll. I don’t think anyone thought we had what it takes. Both hubby and I did not grow up around this lifestyle and neither did our parents or friends. Our grandparents have a ton of knowledge and embrace this lifestyle with us. In a later post I will discuss things you must learn from Nana.

Christmas 2011 we received books about raising chicks and chickens. My mom bought me an awesome pair of Hunter boots. Side note, they are the best boots I have ever had. I know some people feel Hunter boots are for looking awesome in the rain while you go out for coffee but mine are muddy and poopy all the time. I’m attempting to break the mold 🙂

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Back to chickens! I read the chicken books right away…ok, ok I skimmed through each page briefly. One thing you should know about me is I am a jump in head first kind of girl. By the 26th of December I was totally ready for chickens! My hubby said he needed time to read more and look at coop designs. I reluctantly said take some time dear.

February came and I asked hubby “ready now?” and he said “no, no I need to look at more coops”. I told him we are ready! Hubby loves to plan. I think that if it wasn’t for me he would still be planning his chicken coop and learning the how to’s.

I went straight to the co-op and ordered our first laying hens. He was standing beside me when I ordered them with a slightly panicked look on his face. The birds were set to arrive at the end of March. That gave us 7 weeks to build the coop. The race was on.