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Grandparents have a different view of the world around us. They have observed the world change a lot. From the radio, to TV, the rise in women equality, rise in pollution, computers, the cell phone, chemicals taking over, just to name a few.

If we all took some steps backward perhaps we could make some small changes. Here is my top 10 list.

1) The Clothesline – Appliances have definitely come a long way in their efficiency for example an Energy Star machine uses 50 percent less energy! That is a great investment. But let’s go old school and greatly decrease our carbon footprint! Use the outside line and have the sun and wind do the work to dry your clothes. If this is not possible for you, invest in a dry rack that can be placed on your balcony or in the house.

2) Cook in your own Kitchen – Simple right? There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal. I am still a momma in training so mine are hit and miss đŸ™‚
Is it bad that I am still in training and my kids are 4 & 6 years old?? Anyways back to delicious food. If you prepare your own food you control all the ingredients. This way you can avoid non-organic and genetically modified garbage.

3) Grow your own Food – It is a great feeling to produce your own food for the table. I get a huge rush when I get to serve something I took time to grow. You do not need a lot of space to garden! So this is a great tip for everyone. Check out vertical gardening if you don’t have the space. You get to control the food from the beginning. All you need is dirt, water and sun! And when the growing season is over you can seed save for the next year!


4) Preserve your own Food – I am learning this art, it is super exciting to see a full pantry with produce from my garden and local gardens. I was very nervous about canning so I never took the time to do it. It is actually not that hard. Purchase a water bath canner to start and I promise you will be hooked. You will have all the food you need for winter months.

5) Collect Rain Water – We have multiple rain barrels set up around the yard to collect rain water. We live on a well so this is the best tip! With the rain water you collect you can water the garden and feed livestock to conserve water during the hot dry summer months.

6) Make your own Lunch – I’m not going to lie it is REALLY easy to zip through the drive through at a fast food chain to pick up lunch. But I can guarantee it will not be as healthy and satisfying as a meal brought from home. It only takes a bit of prep and you can have an awesome lunch and not have to spend any extra money!

7)Play Outside – Maybe this should be number one. Our grandparents were always outside playing kick the can, tag and exploring nature. Sometimes I think we forget how beautiful it is outside, even in the rain. My boys love the outdoors and the added bonus they are sleepy early so bedtime starts at 6:30pm.


8)  Home Remedies – Most of us have missed out learning how to use home remedies. Our grandparents often used garlic, ginger, and oils to treat cold, flu and infection. My favorite is warm garlic infused olive oil to treat an ear infections.

9) Spend time together – Back in the day there was no TV, social media or video games. People actually spoke to each other face to face. I actually question if we know how to do this anymore.

10) Home-made Cleaning Products – Have you read the ingredients on cleaning products? Scary! It seems strange to clean the house with toxic chemicals when vinegar and baking soda do the trick.

There you have it…A start. If we all take a little step backwards we move towards a greener lifestyle.
What would you add to the list?