Welcome to our family farm, Five Little Acres! This blog will follow our quest to live a sustainable homesteading lifestyle.

A little back story, I have always wanted to live in the country. I dreamed of horses, cows and chickens. I grew up in the city and never really experienced my dream. My auntie had chickens and when we visited I was the first one in the chicken coop to find eggs. But that was it for the country lifestyle. I’m all city. My hubby is even more city! When I meet him he would have thought twice about eating a blackberry straight off the bush without washing it.

We fell in love (awe) and were married. We bought a house just outside the main city but still very much in the city. We were surrounded by neighbors. We looked for the perfect property for years. We looked at 100’s of terrible places. It was tiring but we were determined to have more for our eventual family.

In 2008 our son, J, was born. In 2010 we had another boy, K. Our search intensified. We wanted the boys to be able to go out into the woods and build a fort. We wanted them to be able to have room to explore but still be home. We finally found our little homestead of 5 acres. We of course would have loved 164 acres but apparently you need more money 😦

We moved here in the summer of 2011 and the homesteading dream started! I always wanted to start a blog and share all our experiences but I was a big chicken. So we are a couple years in to this adventure. I will be sure to share some of the past stories as some of them are eventful. Join us on our homesteading journey.